Prop D

The Missouri General Assembly concluded their session with one of the biggest pieces of news being the Legislature passed HB1460, which will go to a vote of the people in November and appear on the ballot as Prop D.  Prop D increases the fuel tax from 17 cents to 27 cents per gallon in 25 cent increments over 4 years, generating $410 million when fully phased in.  70 percent of the increase will go into the State Road Fund for the purposes of highway construction and funding the Missouri Highway Patrol, the remaining 30 percent will be distributed directly to cities and counties for road and bridge construction.  The MLPA has obtained documents from MoDOT that show the estimated funds to each Missouri county and city.  County Distribution List   -  City Distribution List

Proposition D is a proposed law that will go before Missouri voters on November 6, 2018.  Missouri’s lawmakers of both major parties voted to put nonpartisan Proposition D on the ballot. Lawmakers voted to give you and our fellow citizens the final say on boosting Missouri’s motor fuels tax for the first time in 22 years.

A YES vote on nonpartisan Proposition D is a vote to:

  • Make Missouri’s roads and streets safer.

  • Regain 22 years of lost purchasing power for good roads and bridges.

  • Invest new state money in local road projects.

  • Secure stable funding for law enforcement to protect and serve on our roads.


A lot has happened with Missouri roads and bridges in the last 22 years. The number of annual vehicle miles traveled on Missouri highways is up 37 percent – an increase of more than 14 million miles traveled annually. About 2,500 miles of highways have been added to the state road system since 1996.  Today Missouri has the nation’s seventh largest state road system. More than 1,200 Missouri bridges have limits on how much weight they can carry. Nearly 900 Missouri bridges are rated in “poor” condition.

  • More vehicle miles traveled.

  • More state and local roads.

  • Poor bridges and weight restrictions.

It all means more costs for law enforcement and first responders to protect and serve statewide. It means more costs for motorists, truckers, school buses, ambulances and police to make detours for safety and efficiency. You cannot put any price on the human cost: Over just the last three years, there were 2,747 deaths and 14,000 injuries on Missouri roads.

Proposition D will provide new resources for safer roads, streets and bridges.


Costs of keeping roads safe and in service keep going up. MoDOT’s purchasing power keeps declining:

  • The 17 cents per gallon motor fuel tax put into place in 1996 buys 7 cents today.

  • Concrete, steel and asphalt have doubled and tripled in cost since 1996.

  • Today Missouri ranks 46th in revenue spent per mile.

Thanks to MoDOT’s responsible management, efficiency and locally driven road and bridge priorities, the agency ranks 9th in cost-effectiveness. MoDOT has built a strong record of accountability and transparency in management and setting priorities.

Prop D phases in 2.5 cents per gallon motor fuels tax increase each year for four years. When fully funded, Proposition D will provide more than $400 million in new money every year to accelerate state and local road, street and bridge projects. Regaining our purchasing power will accelerate progress on safer roads, streets and bridges across Missouri.

Proposition D will regain our lost purchasing power for safer roads, streets and bridges.


MoDOT’s statewide road and bridge program is based on priorities set with more than two dozen local and regional planning organizations covering every city and county. Prop D’s new $288 million in annual MoDOT funding will accelerate these locally driven state priority projects. In addition:

  • Thirty percent of Proposition D’s new money is reserved for Missouri’s cities and counties.

  • That is about $124 million annually for local government road, street and bridge projects.

  • That’s about $62 million for counties, $62 million for cities, in new money, every year.

Missouri has an additional 97,000 miles of local roads and streets and 14,000 local bridges. With Prop D, local governments will make local decisions on local priorities using new money. This is a major economic infusion that will impact local communities with jobs, infrastructure and transportation progress.

Proposition D will deliver local priorities for positive impact in Missouri’s communities.


Missouri’s natural geographic advantage makes our state America’s crossroads for motorists and freight. But the steady erosion of buying power for road and bridge funding means Missouri is not maximizing our natural advantages through roads and bridges. These advantages will be empowered by Prop D:

  • About 43 percent of the United States population is within 500 miles of Missouri.

  • Consumers rely on freight shipping of local goods and more than ever for online purchases.

  • Roads and bridges are vital to Missouri’s top industries: Agriculture, Tourism and Trade.

Proposition D empowers Missouri’s geographic advantages with new road and bridge funding.

On November 6th, please vote YES for Safer Roads, Streets and Bridges.

Vote YES on Proposition D.


To learn more about Proposition D, visit Yes on Proposition D for safer roads and safer communities, the campaign committee that is actively working to pass Prop D, is asking for volunteers to help with the effort in the following ways:

  • Provide speakers for local events
  • Identfiy high-traffic locations for 4x8 signs
  • Help place 4x8 signs
  • Identify/help place yard signs
  • Author/sign letters to the editor
  • Provide materials to employees
  • Share information on social media platforms
  • Contribute financially to the campaign for the purposes of voter education and advertising

If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Morgan Mundell at  Contributions are being accepted by the campaign and should be sent to the following address.  If your company makes a contribution, please let the MLPA office know.
Terry Briggs, Treasurer
PO Box 7653
Columbia, MO   65203