The Missouri Limestone Producers Association (MLPA) was organized in 1944 to promote and protect the interests of crushed stone operators located or doing business in the state. The association is involved in legislative issues; state and federal regulatory matters; community and public relations; and marketing of stone products.

MLPA maintains a full-time staff in an attractive office building the association owns at 409 East McCarty, Jefferson City, MO.

MLPA’s bylaws provide for three categories of membership. Producer Members are engaged in the production or sales of crushed stone in Missouri. Affiliate Members are engaged in mining of other commodities. Associate Members are suppliers of goods and services to the industry. All three categories are able to participate in the association’s functions and receive general mailings.

One of the most important functions of the association is its involvement in legislative issues. Members are able to take a united stand on proposed new environmental regulations, employee/employer matters, safety regulations, highway funding, additional taxes and other topics that may arise. The staff spends considerable time testifying before legislative committees, as well as making individual contacts with elected officials. This activity takes place on the State and Federal levels. An MLPA Legislative Newsletter keeps members informed about important bills that have been introduced.

Another area that has become of increasing importance in recent years is environmental regulation. MLPA is active in many environmental issues that have the potential to affect our industry. However, the most important are air pollution control, water pollution control and land reclamation. By necessity, this is the area in which the association staff devotes much of its time. An MLPA Environmental Newsletter keeps members informed about these issues.

Issues and information about the industry are discussed at the association’s two primary meeting functions during the year. They are the Annual Meeting & Convention and the Summer Business Meeting. Special workshops and seminars are also held on an as-needed basis.

The “heart and soul” of MLPA is its active committees. These help us better address environmental issues, safety issues, legislative matters, aggregate specifications, product marketing and community/public relations. These committees provide valuable insight that helps guide the association’s activities throughout the year, but they also provide a forum for members to share information/experiences about these topics.

MLPA’s policies, actions, and budget are established by the Board of Directors. Nominees are selected to give the board representation from large and small operations, with consideration given to maintaining a broad geographical distribution. Nominees are voted on by the entire membership at the association’s Annual Meeting.


  • In 2016, MLPA led the lobbying effort to pass legislation that provides fairness to mining and quarry operations in the appraisal/assessment of taxes on real property. This was in response to assessors in several counties that hired an out-of-state consultant who used an inappropriate method of appraisal to increase property taxes by 1,000% or more. It took two years of intense work to pass this legislation.
  • In 2016 MLPA participated in a successful effort to stop legislation that would have transferred DNR permit fees held in a temporary reserve account to the state’s general revenue account.
  • In 2014 MLPA added language to land reclamation legislation that streamlines and clarifies the path to obtaining permits or permit modifications.
  • In 2012 MLPA led the effort to pass legislation that requires municipalities to provide at least one street for commercial truck traffic. This insures that dump trucks have direct access to state highways.
  • In 2012 MLPA supported legislation specifying that landowners and lessees of property (including mine property) owe no duty of care to trespassers, which provides protection from lawsuits.
  • In 2011 MLPA was heavily involved in passing legislation modifying the land reclamation law requiring that anyone opposing a permit issuance must present strong evidence regarding adverse effects to their health, safety and livelihood (instead of merely an allegation) before they have legal standing to challenge a permit.

In 2016 DNR’s Air Pollution Control Program agreed to a major improvement in obtaining permits for quarry operations, which also applies to sand/gravel plants, asphalt plants and concrete plants. This is a direct result of an earlier letter written to by MLPA expressing frustration with aspects of obtaining permits for our industry. New, smaller facilities will no longer be subject to onerous emission modelling as a prerequisite of obtaining a permit. What’s more, emission limits will be based on annual instead of daily production. We are in the process of working with the Air Pollution Program to extend this improvement to existing facilities.

Since 2014 MLPA has joined other industry groups to fight EPA’s proposed expansion of its authority under the federal Clean Water Act. The agency is seeking radical expansion over land areas that have little or no connection to flowing water. We have written letters to Missouri’s Governor and Congressional delegation in Washington. A combination of legislative and legal action has put this power grab on hold.

At the urging of MLPA, a long-standing requirement by MoDOT for obtaining samples of stone directly from highwalls was ended in 2013. Our concern about this practice was the risk of injury to any person obtaining the samples.
In 2010 MLPA joined with three other state aggregate associations to launch the popular MSHA Enforcement Alerts website. It is an on-line location where mine operators can help each other provide a safe work environment and avoid citations. Law firms specializing in safety law also post regular updates and analysis on the site. Other associations have joined as sponsors since 2010.

As a final note, MLPA operates under compliance with applicable antitrust laws. New members are provided with our Antitrust Policy and Guidelines. Attendees at all MLPA meetings are reminded of these requirements.

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