The MLPA Safety Committee hosted a Workplace Exam Rule webinar on Thursday, August 23rd.   The purpose was to provide a forum for MLPA members the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and ask each other questions and to compare notes on how they are changing business practices to comply with the new rule.  The webinar ran roughly an hour long and included a panel presentation which was followed by Q&A for all participants.  For MLPA members who were not able to join the webinar, a copy of the Powerpoint and the webinar in it's entirety can be viewed below.

Panel presenters were Jacci Gamble, Conco Companies; Jerry Neels, Delta Companies & Jim Papenhausen, Central Stone Company

Click here to open a copy of the Powerpoint presentation


Please note that this webinar was provided as a service to Missouri Limestone Producers Association members and that the MLPA and presenters should not be held liable for any information provided in the webinar.  When in doubt, please check with your local MSHA official as they are the final authority on implementation and review of all aspects of the new workplace exam rule.