2018 Safety Award Applications

February 26, 2019
To:     Producer Members
From: Morgan Mundell
Re:     2018 Safety awards

Please follow this link for MLPA entry forms for awards based on safety performance in calendar year 2018. These awards recognize your company's overall safety record in Missouri (Form A), as well as individual plant crews that achieved superior safety records (Form B).

Awards for individual stationary or portable plant crews based solely on length of time with no lost-time injuries (reported on Fonn B) will be presented in these three categories:
(1)    Recognition for the most recent complete calendar year worked without a lost-time accident;
(2)    Consecutive years of work without a lost-time injury beginning with 5 years;
(3)    Consecutive man-hours totaling 100,000 hours and subsequent multiples of 100,000 hours without a lost-time injury (recoglition only for the year that these thresholds are reached the first time).

NOTE: Any plant or crew may qualify for both (1), (2) and (3) if all milestones occur in the same year. Regarding portable crews, please keep in mind that we wish to recoglize work teams, if possible, instead of quarry sites.

Lost-time injuries are defined as injuries to non-office employees that result in permanent total or permanent partial disability and/or days away from work.

Please review the instructions carefully. If you have questions as you complete the forms call the MLPA.

Please submit entry forms to MLPA by April 15th.

The four top winners will be asked to supply additional info.